We provide tax advisory services for individuals and businesses seeking to maximize their earnings and minimize liabilities.

"Let's go beyond just the numbers."



In-Person and Remotely

Filing a tax return is a yearly chore that we often dread. Whether it's collecting all those documents arriving in the mail, sitting in front of a preparer for an hour, or hoping we get it right on our own, we wish the process was easier.

Busy and prefer to receive the end results? Available and want to meet face-to-face? We accommodate both!


Do You Think You Missed Something?

Our firm offers a complimentary review of your previous year's returns to help you determine if money was left on the table or if a balance owed could have been reduced. 

More often than not, taxpayers are unaware of what can be included on their tax return or they have misunderstandings of what is deductible. Our firm offers you the chance to discuss these items at length to determine whether a previous year should be revisited. 


Bumps in the Road?

Mistakes happen all the time but that should not be a reason to stress. If you have received a letter or notice from a Tax Authority such as the IRS or Franchise Tax Board, our firm can most certainly aid you.

Being an Enrolled Agent means that we have attained the highest level of authorization granted by the Internal Revenue Service to represent Taxpayers.


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