About Pacific Pier Tax Management

Money is an art. Let's paint a masterpiece.

In 2018, I formed a goal - to start a business that allowed me to empower clients with financial education so that they felt confident when crisis arose. 

Today, I get to serve some of the best human beings I have met by filing their income tax returns, providing financial education, and crafting long term money strategies.

My goal is simple, to help you better understand your money habits so that you can have one less thing to stress about.



Milton Rodriguez, CFP

Milton Rodriguez, CFP™

Founder, CEO

Milton Rodriguez, CFP® is the founder and CEO of Pacific Pier Tax Management, a Los Angeles-based tax and financial services firm. Milton is a Certified Financial Planner™, IRS Enrolled Agent, and holder of a Master's of Science in Taxation from California State University, Northridge.

Milton is passionate about financial literacy, researching capital markets, ESG investing, playing drums, and traveling.